Keyword Clustering on Autopilot

Save hours and eliminate the guesswork!
Automated keyword clustering driven by real-time search data.

They cluster with Clusio!

Manual keyword clustering is tedious and inefficient

Go from a messy list 😖


To fully clustered keywords in a bit 🤯

Effortless and optimized
keyword grouping

How it works:


Upload your keyword list

Get it from your favorite keyword research tool, combine it with your own ideas or even Search Console data.

Clusio instantly analyzes Google results

The data is based on your chosen location and language.


Keywords with 3+ results in common are grouped

Three shared results out of the first five is the best formula we have found, how ever, you can customize it!


Download your keyword clusters!

You get two sheets with an overview of the groups and the individual keywords with its group so you can create a pivot table, or use them as you wish. 

Get 150 keywords for free. Automate your keyword clustering now!